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Day 4

Copenhagen to Stockholm

overcast 18 °C

Again glorious warm weather...far too hot for autumn attire. I seemed to be full of a cold since yesterday afternoon...but it could have been too much air conditioning on trains. However we walked a lot ( and in my case, sneezed a lot) around central Copenhagen which is lovely. Our hotel (WakeupCopenhagen) was near the water so we followed the road beside the water until we got to some of the smaller waterways which lead to the old government buildings and the royal palace

Copenhagen view

Copenhagen view

and then on to see Tivoli. We didn’t have enough time to go in and explore the gardens...and I’m far too chicken to have done any of the rides particularly those that go high then plummet rather quickly! However it was gearing up to Hallowe’en there so the entrance was adorned with pumpkins, broomstick etc which was rather fun.
Halloween at Tivoli

Halloween at Tivoli

Then it was time for the long train trip to Stockholm. THE TRAIN WAS ON TIME! From the time and comfort, the train was great however, they didn’t have enough food in their buffet for all on the train..,so by the time we went, the cupboard was bare. However, when we arrived after 2140 in Stockholm, we managed to grab a takeaway burger from a place near the station just before he closed at 2200. Every other station we’ve been at quite late has been teeming with eateries, Stockholm station didn’t seem to have many...and those there were were closed. However, we ate, found a taxi and came out to a rather lovely hotel ( called Motel L although certainly not a motel) which is a bit too far out to make it worth going in to sightsee. By this time, my cold/ cough seemed worse than ever -probably 5+ hours in the train didn’t help - but thankfully, I managed a good sleep and the worse seems to be over now and I can stop leaving a trail of used tissues over Scandinavia!

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