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It’s been a fantastic holiday: we’ve seen lots of wonderful places in a very short time and proved that it is possible to avoid flying and still get to places. We’ve been on lots of different trains by many national rail companies, plus ferries both good (Viking) and bad (Moby)...and a luxury bus. High point of travel was the overnight train from St.Petersburg to Moscow and back...very plush and luxurious. We’ve also had some lovely hotels...And great meals...plus some that weren’t so good. As I love cities, I’ve enjoyed the places we’ve been and would love to return to most of them. I didn’t like Riga ( or Daugavpils), but would go back to any or all of the other stops for a longer, more in-depth visit if the opportunity arose. We’ve covered nearly 5000 miles, walked 110 (approximately) and visited 9 capitals ( 11 if you include London and Brussels that we passed through)...and all in 3 weeks!

I’ve learnt a lot too...

  • in addition to comfortable shoes, take more than 1 pack of blister plasters...and have sufficient shoes ( Keith wrote off one pair, and my boots only just survived!)
  • Learn the word for “Thank you” in the local language ... it makes people smile if you try, even if you don’t do it very well.
  • About me, I’ve learnt that I am very driven by the time and doing things early or at the right time...I always have been. I get really stressed if I think I’m not on time. It would be better to take a more relaxed approach...as Keith does...but I’m never going to manage it.
  • When stressed, ( see above!), I do get very snappy...sorry, Keith.
  • I could never do a backpacking holiday as I hate having dirty clothes, but I really refuse to pay hotel laundry prices and I can’t bring myself to throw away perfectly good but used clothes. However, two-night stays plus a heated towel rail manage to save the situation for me.

I loved the chance to see so much and experience so many places, but the physical effort of transporting us and luggage all over the place has been quite intense but well worth the effort...I can, however, really appreciate the concept of a city or river cruise where you can unpack and get taken to places! ( wouldn’t fancy one of those huge cruise ships though!). Now to get the cat back, sort through the photos, then produce a folder of all the ephemera we’ve acquired to keep as a memory.

Thanks for reading...it’s been fun doing this even if I was uncertain about it at first.

PS...in case anyone wonders about my screen name ( who doesn’t read Terry Pritchett books), Nanny Ogg is one of his 3 witches from his wonderful Discworld books.

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